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A List of Zombie-Based Digital Games

This list contains digital games that foreground zombies. For instance, the titles of these games may include the word “zombie” or otherwise refer to the walking dead. Zombies may also have narrative significance, feature as playable characters, or be presented as prominent obstacles to be overcome or manipulated by the player in these games. Other games that contain zombies but do not maintain a primary focus on them – such as Ghosts’n Goblins (1985), Sweet Home (1989), Conker’s Bad Fur Day (2001), and Saints Row (2006) – are omitted. This list also privileges console games that have been released in physical form; that is, on an arcade machine, disk, or cartridge and not those which are exclusively downloadable. Smartphone games and apps like Zombies, Run! (2012), as well as web browser games, are also excluded from this list.

Year of ReleaseTitle of Game [Additional Information] (Platform)
1982Entombed (Atari 2600)
1983Zombies (Atari 8-bit family)
1984Zombie Zombie (ZX Spectrum)
1986Zombi (Armstrad CPC)
1989Beast Busters (Arcade)
Friday the 13th Platform (NES)
1990Horror Zombies from the Crypt (PC)
Zombie Nation (NES)
1991Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge (PC)
1992Alone in the Dark (PC)
Wolfenstein 3D (PC)
Zombie Apocalypse (Amiga, Atari ST)
1993Alone in the Dark 2 (PC)
Isle of the Dead (PC)
Night Slashers (Arcade)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES)
1994Alone in the Dark 3 (PC)
Corpse Killer (PC)
Ghoul Patrol (SNES)
1995Area 51 (Arcade)
1996Resident Evil (PlayStation)
The House of the Dead (Arcade)
1997Blood (PC)
Nightmare Creatures (Nintendo 64, PC, PlayStation)
Voodoo Kid (PC)
1998CarnEvil (Arcade)
Flesh Feast (PC)
MediEvil (PlayStation)
Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation)
The House of the Dead 2 (Arcade)
Zombie Massacre (PC)
1999Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PlayStation)
Shadow Man (Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PC, PlayStation)
The Typing of the Dead (Arcade)
Zombie Revenge (Arcade)
2000Carrier (Dreamcast)
Martian Gothic: Unification (PC)
MediEvil 2 (PlayStation)
Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Dreamcast) 
Resident Evil Survivor (PlayStation)
2001Resident Evil Gaiden (Game Boy Colour)
Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica (Arcade)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (PC)
2002Resident Evil [Remake] (GameCube)
Resident Evil Zero (GameCube)
Shadow Man: 2econd Coming (PlayStation 2)
The House of the Dead III (Arcade)
The Pinball of the Dead (Game Boy Advance)
2003Resident Evil: Dead Aim (PlayStation 2)
Resident Evil Outbreak (PlayStation 2)
Siren (PlayStation 2)
2004Infected (PlayStation Portable)
Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 (PlayStation 2)
The X-Files: Resist or Serve (PlayStation 2)
2005Cold Fear (PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox)
Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green (PC, Xbox)
MediEvil: Resurrection (PlayStation Portable)
Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)
Stubbs the Zombie in “Rebel Without a Pulse” (Xbox)
The House of the Dead 4 (Arcade)
2006Dead Rising (Xbox 360)
Forbidden Siren (PlayStation 2)
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (Nintendo DS)
2007Dead Head Fred (PlayStation Portable)
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (Nintendo Wii)
The Typing of the Dead 2 (PC)
Touch the Dead [aka Dead ‘n’ Furious] (Nintendo DS)
2008Alone in the Dark [reboot] (PC, PlayStation 2, Wii, and Xbox 360)
Dead Space (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
English of the Dead (Nintendo DS)
Siren: Blood Curse (PlayStation 3)
Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)
Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ (Nintendo DS)
Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys! (Nintendo DS)
2009Dead Space: Extraction (Nintendo Wii)
Killing Floor (PC)
Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360)
Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX (Arcade)
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (Xbox 360)
Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Nintendo Wii)
Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
The House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii)
Undead Knights (PlayStation Portable)
2010Blood Drive (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Dead Rising 2 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Nintendo Wii)
2011Dead Island (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Dead Space 2 (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Plants vs. Zombies [iOS port] (Nintendo DS)
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (Nintendo DS)
Rise of Nightmares (Xbox 360)
Sega Golden Sun (Arcade)
Trapped Dead (PC)
Yakuza: Dead Souls (PlayStation 3)
2012Lollipop Chainsaw (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Resident Evil 6 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Resident Evil: Revelations (Nintendo DS)
The Walking Dead: Season One (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
ZombiU (Wii U)
2013Dead Island: Riptide (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One)
Dead Space 3 (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
State of Decay (Xbox 360)
The Last of Us (PlayStation 3)
The Typing of the Dead: Overkill (PC)
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U)
2014Escape Dead Island (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox 360, Xbox One)
The Evil Within (PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)
The Walking Dead: Season 2 [retail collection] (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
2015Dying Light (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (PlayStation 4)
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 [retail collection] (PC, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360/One)
Zombie Army Trilogy (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
20167 Days to Die [also on PC (2013)] (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Dead Rising 4 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Deadlight: Director’s Cut [also on Xbox Live Arcade (2012)] (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Dying Light: The Following (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Goat Simulator: The Bundle [see GoatZ (2015)] (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Killing Floor 2 (PC, PlayStation 4)
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
The Escapist: The Walking Dead Edition (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
2017Dead Alliance (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Inside-Limbo Double Pack [see Inside (2016)] (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PlayStation 4)
The Evil Within 2 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier [retail collection] (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
2018Arizona Sunshine (PlayStation 4 VR)
House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (Arcade)
State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One)
2019Days Gone (PlayStation 4)
MediEvil [remake] (PlayStation 4)
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
The Walking Dead: The Final Season [retail collection] (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
World War Z (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
2020Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
The Last of Us: Part 2 (Playstation 4)
2021Back 4 Blood (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
2022Dying Light 2 (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch)
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