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Theorizing Zombiism Conference Series

Current call for papers…

Theorizing Zombiism 3: The Derry Edition

The zombie as an allegory for cultural, social, and scientific analysis spans almost every discipline including humanities, biology, mathematics, anthropology, economics, and political science. This range of use for the zombie narrative is a clear indication of its adaptability and viability as a distinct framework for critical theory. This conference will thus serve as a timely and much-needed platform for the development of international and interdisciplinary relationships between researchers, educators, practitioners and other interested parties. Contributors are encouraged to provide discipline specific, and interdisciplinary, examinations of the zombie.

Some potential topics:
Ecocritical zombiism
Zombies in Popular Culture
Historical/Literary mash-ups
The undead in myth and folklore
Zombies in survival video games
Zombies and consumer capitalism
Linguistic perspectives on the undead
Globalization, refugees, and migration
Gender/ethnicity/race and the undead
Nationalism through the zombie narratives
Zombiism and visual culture and art history
Zombie infections as a metaphor for pandemics
Re-evaluating the function of horror in society
Dead digital objects and undead archival objects
Expanding zombie tropes in other forms and fields
Zombie phenomenology/philosophy/psychoanalysis
The science of zombiism/the zombification of science
Legal zombiism: law and legislation that refuses to die
Zombie visuality: motifs unique to the zombie’s visual personality

Send 300 word abstracts: theorizingzombiism[at] by December 5th 2022.

Image shows photos of Conor Heffernan and Victoria McCollum in lurching zombie poses, digitally remastered to look like zombies (covered in blood, bleeding, missing eyes and parts of their facial features) reaching their hands out towards the viewer. They stand in front of a digital rendering of a church at night time with light spilling from one window across the misty outdoors, and a fork of lightning coming down from the Sky above.

Text reads at the top reads: Theorizing Zombiism 3: The Derry Edition

Text at the bottom reads: The Zombie Studies Network conference at Ulster University, Magee Halloween 2023. Art: Gerard Gibson.

Previous conferences…

The 2021 Theorizing Zombiism conference was held at the University of Gothenburg!

Find the CFP on the conference website here:

Full Conference Programme PDF Here:

The 2019 Theorizing Zombiism conference was held at University College Dublin, hosted and funded by the UCD Humanities Institute.

Poster design by Ollie Sweetman FTW

Podcast interview with authors Scott Kenemore and Sarah Davis-Goff, produced and hosted by the UCD Humanities Institute:

Pictures from the conference:

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